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Starfleet International Starfleet International is an Officially recognized Star Trek Fan club. This is the organization to which we operate under, membership is encouraged but optional, there are membership dues that vary from $10.00 (individual) - $15.00 (family) per year. Lots of benifits, we highly encourage you to check them out.
Starfleet International Region 5 This is a Link to Region 5 Starfleet International
USS Liberty Belle The USS Liberty Belle NCC-75033 the sister ship to the USS Phoebe under the Commmand of CLDR Phyllis Seale Foyness, and LCDR Paul Lennox.
USS Hecate NCC-76886 The USS Phoebe's Escort Ship, another group member of Starfleet International - David W Ferber Commanding.
USS Dragonfly NCC-42110 A ship sponsered by the USS Phoebe, another group member of Starfleet International - Gene Armstrong Commanding.
Star Trek Offiical Website Just in case you didn't know where to find it, here is the Star Trek Offiical website.
USS Phoebe NCC-80115 Facebook Group Page This is a link to our facebook group that your welcome to join/request to join.
USS Phoebe MSC-199 The Crew of the Starship Pheobe would like to recognize the galant crew of the USS Phoebe MSC-199 a minesweeping vessel commissioned 29 April 1955 and served until 1 July 1975 when she was decomissioned. We greatly appreciate the service of all of those who served aboard the USS Phoebe and wish them fair winds and calm seas. Thank you for your service!

Klingon Community Links

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Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces (IKEF) - Facebook Page Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces - Facebook Page
Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces (IKEF) - Yahoo Group Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces - Yahoo Group Page

Reference Material Links

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Star Trek: A Call to Duty Star Trek: A Call to duty used to be a Star Trek Role playing enthusist site, now it's more a reference used for ship specifications. If you want to know something about a cannon or non-cannon vessel this site is an amazing resource for ideas. This is a primary source used to gain the specifications for the USS Phoebe and many other vessels.
Deviant Art This is a great place to view digital art, everything from Fantasy to Star Trek.

Other Community Links

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XSCAPES SCI-FI Original Props Looking for some authentic Prop Recreations? This is the place to visit!
Regular One Props - Facebook Page Here is another resource for Star Trek Props, for your future cosplay!
Amtgard Another large community group that some of our members attend, and enjoy events!
The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association A large fan Community for the Honor Harrington Book Series by David Weber